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Best Multivitamin for Men over 50, For many men across the globe, consuming the right nutrients day in, day out can be easier said than done. And by the time you reach the age of 50, things become even more challenging.The reason for this is that your body naturally changes and matures over time, much like your nutritional needs.

 As a result, you’re likely to encounter vitamin and nutritional deficiencies the older you get if you don’t pay close attention to your nutrient intake.And while it’s possible to get the right nutrients with a balanced diet full of lean proteins, complex carbohydrates, healthy fats, along with plenty of fruits and vegetables, most people still need to go a step further.Not getting enough vitamins in your diet each day could eventually affect your overall health adversely, or even worse, you may even develop a chronic disease at some point.

Either way, we’re sure that’s something you’ll want to avoid.So, what’s the easiest and most convenient way to ensure that you’re getting your daily dose of vitamins and minerals? – using a multivitamin.


Multivitamins are useful in more ways than one, but taking one daily can:Boost the performance of your immune systemEnsure that your body can combat issues associated with the ageing processSupply your body with the nutrients it needs to function correctlySounds good, right?But don’t just take our word for it – research shows that multivitamin supplementation has been popular in the United States since the 1940s, when the very first dietary supplements in this category entered the market. Nowadays, at least a third of Americans take multivitamins regularly, emphasizing just how popular they have become in recent year   


As you’ll now be aware, consuming the right vitamins each day can make an enormous difference in improving your health and preventing common side effects that occur throughout the natural ageing process.So, just what vitamins should men be taking every day to help considerably reduce the likelihood of unwanted health issues?Read on as we delve deeper into these multivitamins for men over the age of 50.


nutritional diet

Vitamin A , Found in many food sources such as eggs, cod liver oil, and cheese, Vitamin A is a fat-soluble vitamin that plays an important role in protecting your vision, immune system, and reproduction.As it also helps your vital organs to function correctly, it’s clear that getting enough Vitamin A in your diet is crucial. However, research shows that at least 34% of Asians don’t get enough in their diet. Luckily, top multivitamins for men containing Vitamin A help to bridge the gap by ensuring that you’re getting enough of this nutrient each day.


nutritional diet

B Vitamins comprising eight essential nutrients, B vitamins play a vital role in creating and maintaining your body’s cells, while also serving other important purposes such as converting food into energy.Here is a list of all eight B Vitamins, together known as the vitamin B complex:Thiamin (Vitamin B1); Riboflavin (Vitamin B2); Niacin (Vitamin B3);Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B5);Vitamin B6Biotin (Vitamin B7)Folate (Vitamin B9)Vitamin B12The best food sources of B vitamins are; whole grains (brown rice, barley etc) along with eggs, dairy products, and various meats such as poultry and red meat.However, most people don’t get enough B vitamins in their diet, which can lead to cognitive impairment or anaemia, among other unpleasant side effects. A multivitamin which contains all the vitamins mentioned above will ensure that you’re getting your RDA (Recommended Daily Amount) of B vitamins essential for optimal brain and heart health.


nutritional diet

Vitamin C, Otherwise known as ascorbic acid, vitamin C is a water-soluble nutrient capable of providing immune system support, brain health, and much more.Viewed as an essential vitamin for many years, you can find vitamin C in various fruits and vegetables such as oranges, strawberries, kale, and spinach.Research suggests that Vitamin C can also boost your blood antioxidant levels, which can help the body fight inflammation. And since vitamin C can regulate blood pressure, it can also help to reduce the risk of heart disease significantly.


Vitamin D3, Helping to regulate the amount of phosphate and calcium in the body, Vitamin D3 plays an essential role in keeping your bones, muscles, and teeth healthy.Excellent sources of Vitamin D3 are oily fish such as salmon and sardines, egg yolks, and red meat, but dietary supplements are the most convenient way to ensure that you’re getting enough of this nutrient in your diet.One thing worth mentioning is that if you usually work indoors or don’t live in a sunny location, it’s highly likely that you’re not getting enough of the so-called ‘sunshine vitamin’.Luckily, many multivitamins on the market include a healthy dose of Vitamin D3, making it easy to get your RDA.


nutritional diet

Vitamin E, Playing a vital role in maintaining healthy eyes and skin, vitamin E boasts a wide range of benefits that can help to strengthen your immune system.Excellent sources of vitamin E include nuts, seeds, plant oils, and wheatgerm. If your body doesn’t use it immediately, it stores it in your liver for later use. Although deficiencies in this vitamin are rare, it’s important to ensure that you’re consuming enough. Otherwise, you could encounter unpleasant side effects, including muscle weakness and a lack of coordination. 


nutritional diet

Vitamin K, Found in cereal grains, vegetable oils, along with green leafy vegetables, vitamin K plays a vital role in bone and cardiovascular health.Preventing excessive bleeding by helping the blood to clot, this fat-soluble vitamin comprises two compounds (K1 and K2).Research suggests that vitamin K goes hand in hand with vitamin D in terms of the transportation of calcium to the bones, which helps them develop properly. 


nutritional diet

Calcium, An essential component of a healthy, well-balanced diet, calcium is a nutrient that serves a role of great importance in terms of your body’s functioning.If you have a decent amount of calcium in your diet, it will help to build strong bones and teeth, ensure that blood clots normally, while also regulating muscle contractions.Noteworthy is the fact that your body needs vitamin D to absorb calcium, so it’s vital to get enough of that nutrient too to make the most out of your calcium consumption.Research also suggests that the combination of calcium and vitamin D also helps to manage osteoporosis, which further underlines the importance of this mineral. Dietary sources of calcium include milk, cheese, and other dairy products, tofu, nuts, green leafy vegetables, and more.Multivitamins which contain calcium ensure that you can reach your RDA with ease without having to worry about consuming lots of calcium-rich foods.


nutritional diet

Magnesium, When it comes to minerals, magnesium is undoubtedly right up there with the most important in the body.A deficiency in this mineral can leave you feeling tired, low on energy, and nauseated, and so it’s vital that you’re getting enough as part of your diet.Magnesium is also the fourth most abundant mineral in the body. So, if you don’t consume enough each day, you won’t be doing your overall wellness any favors.The roles of magnesium include muscle function, stress management, blood pressure regulation, and heart health – each underlining just how essential magnesium is.Other than through supplementation, excellent sources of magnesium are nuts, brown rice, green leafy vegetables, and fish.


nutritional diet

Zinc, According to research, about 17.3% of the world’s population is deficient in zinc. [10]Considering that this mineral is responsible for healthy growth and development during adolescence, as well as playing a vital role in providing immunity, male virility, and cognition, this is undoubtedly a worrying statistic.As a man, zinc is a mineral you’ll definitely want to include in your diet, as a deficiency can lead to various health issues further down the line.Luckily, a good multivitamin for men over 50 will contain zinc on its ingredients list, helping to boost your performance, strength, immune system, and more.

When and how to intake? 

When to take a Multivitamin – Morning or Night?We’ve already covered the benefits of a multivitamin and the crucial vitamins you need to be getting enough of each day.But is there an optimal time for taking a multivitamin, or can you just take it whatever time of day you like?The quick answer is that there’s no specific time to take a multivitamin. But since your body absorbs certain nutrients better when taken with a meal, think about timing your consumption accordingly.Another consideration is how many capsules of your daily multivitamin you need to take per serving. If it’s just one capsule a day, then you should be fine to take it in the morning, evening, or any time between.But for multivitamins that require multiple capsules per day, you can spread your servings throughout the day. For example, you can take two capsules with breakfast, then another two later in the day.The number of capsules per serving varies depending on the brand you choose, but as long as it contains the right ingredients such as those listed above, you will undoubtedly reap the rewards with regular consumption.


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