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  Let's demand justice for Manisha.... Once again a little heart has suffered so badly , is this so our government working again and again these incidents happen and always we remain sitting.  A 19 year old dalit woman from Hathras , who has brutally gang raped by four upper caste men , scummbed to injuries. Thus heart breaking incident occured on September 14 when the girl was with her mother collecting fodder in the maize field. She was badly gang raped and later strangulated and dragged with her dupatta. The girl was first admitted to Jawaharlal Nehru medical College and hospital , Aligarh after the gang rape on September 14 , was brought to Safdarjung Hospital last night with spinal injuries, paralysis and ccuts in the tongue.  Can you all imagine the pain suffered by the little life. If you can then lets fight for the justice for the little girl. So that we can make our country make India more  safer for girl child.  Accused arrested.. The Hathras police have arreste


  All about public policy... Meaning... It is a relatively stable, definite course of action decided by an public authority in dealing with a problem or matter of public concern. Whatever government chooses to do or not to do about a problem that comes before them for consideration and possible  action . It is a collective decision making process to solve public problems. Public policy is the output of political system through policies intended societal goals are achieved. FEATURES OF PUBLIC POLICY... This policy is a solution to issue or problem ( policy demands) that are brought on agenda of government and requires attention. Policy may  be in the form of  law , regulation, plan , program, schemes , guidelines, codes or combination of these. Policy is sustained course of actions taken over time not discrete decisions.  Output of policy was to measure physical results of policy and its outcome was to check policies consequences on targeted groups or socities. TYPES OF PUBL


  PLACES TO VISIT IN DELHI....🌆 Delhi is the heart of India. It is the centre of attraction for all tourists. Other than places such as red fort , Jantar matar there are many interesting places one should definetely explore in Delhi. SNOW WORLD.. Location : L05 , L06 , DLF mall of India, sector 18 , Noida Timmings : 11 AM to 9 PM Snow World is Delhi's largest snow park . Do you guyzz want to enjoy snow activities then this place is definetely made for you. You can enjoy all such activities such as : snow fall dance , skiboarding , Ice sliding , Snow tunnel , scenic mountains, wooden hut , Roman culture wall , Igloos and much more to explore. I can expect listening all such activities would definitely have made you fall in love with this place. Don't miss out this spot , enjoy being like on North pole with friends and family. AKSHARDHAM TEMPLE.... Location : Noida mor , Pandav nagar , New delhi Timmings: 9.30 am to 8.00 pm There are three exhibitions to look into,  each


EATING HABITS YOU SHOULD DEVELOP..... Food plays a major role in every one's life as it is the source which maintains countless number of functions in our body. So the way we eat , what we eat is a part which can't be ignored. Unhealthy eating habits can lead to fall you in many problems. Poor eating habits is a welcome to many life risk diseases. If you will develop a healthy eating schedule , you will automatically feel for energetic. There are many benifits that you are going to unlock such as : help you boost your mood and reduce stress , will also help you loose your weight  and a healthy lifestyle,  a better efficiency to work , say good bye to laziness and these all magical benifits just by following some ways ...... Eating Slowly shows best results..... Sometimes,  we are in hurry and fastly we finish our breakfast , lunch or dinner. Developing this type of habit doesn't allow brain to depict signal that you are full or not which leads to imbalance of weig


  BE A ENLIGHTENED BEING ...🙏 What is world ? Humans, demons , animals , birds, parasites , insects , fishes , tress. How are all they created ? What substances they are created from? How do they function and how do they survive? How do they die and what happens after death ? Are all the relations connected with this body made of dirt? So the crystal clear answer is no as if this would have been a truth then why is one's body destroyed after death . In reality neither is one's identity from his body nor all his relationships rooted with his body.  One's behaviour , his nature and his deeds are hus identity.  How are behaviour and deeds even created? A human body is a mere harmony of visible and invisible entities , yet every humabs nature and deeds seems to be very vastly. The reason behind the truth is three ' GUNAS' they are ' TAMAS' , 'SATTVA' and 'RAJAS' . TAMAS ..... Tamas means darkness . Spending one's life without presumi

Beautiful unique shayaris ......💞

  10 AWESOME SHAYARIS.... 1) Raah aur dukh  I was known about the pain in this path , but still i love you my beloved 2) Dillagi aur tum..... My smile doesn’t seem smile to you , my love doesn't seem love to you, I bet you will cry in the beautiful nights as you will seem to be alone. 3) Yaadon ka ujala..... In my world its the brightness of your memories ........ otherwise in this selfish world everything seems to be dark.... 4) Dil aur parvardigar .... Person who even loves his enemies , are loved by almighty. ..... 5) Wafa aur Nazar ..... I pray that may almighty gift me for my loyalties. .....that whenever i glean my eyes , our eyes connect. ..... 6) Chahna aur samana...... What about heart , I would have come up in your soul ..... unfortunately my beloved you didn't loved me as a beloved. .... 7) Khuda aur aap...... I was one of those who never ever remembered God ...... but when I saw you , myself and myself God was remembered. .... 8) Mohabbat aur Virasat. .


  Green and only Green ..... Green vegetables are full of fiber, vitamins and minerals. Eating a healthy green leafy diet can cure many health problems and may protecting you from many diseases , including many life risk diseases such as many heart disease , diabetes, cancer etc. Green vegetables are low in calories, you can eat as much as you can without gaining extra weight.  Here's a complete list of green vegetables with their benifits to body and vitamins and minerals packed with them.  SPINACH ..... Spinach is rich in  Vitamins A , C and K , magnesium,  iron and manganese.  Eating spinach benifits eye health , reduce stress , reduce blood pressure levels among other health functions. Due to rich in vitamin k it helps to strengthen bones . As rich in Vitamin A it strengthen eyesight and even boosts your immunity.  CABBAGE..... Cabbage is brimmed up with nutrients with low calories.  It is packed with protein , fiber , vitamin K, vitamin C, manganese, vitamin B6 , calci


  FREE AND QUALITY EDUCATION AT EVERYONE'S DOOR...... The future development of a nation truly lies in the hands of good teachers. If today our nation is getting achievements they exists due to the teachers of nation .  Today on 5 September,  I want to specially thanks some of the teachers who are doing so well for nation. They are providind free and quality education on social platforms. Lets honour them and give them wings to do more and more . May god bless each and every teacher of this nation who are selflessly giving time for building a better nation. HAPPIEST TEACHERS DAY TO ALL THE GREAT TEACHERS. ... NAMO KAUL. ... Director of jee - neet at Unacademy. He has been teaching physics on unacademy jee live daily channel. He has taught over 1 million plus students . He has also been awarded for bst teaching and pedalogy award National TCON' 18. He is providing full jee course of physics on YouTube for free , so that free and quality education can reach to every student of