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 Let's demand justice for Manisha....

Justice for Manisha VALMIKI

Once again a little heart has suffered so badly , is this so our government working again and again these incidents happen and always we remain sitting. 

A 19 year old dalit woman from Hathras , who has brutally gang raped by four upper caste men , scummbed to injuries. Thus heart breaking incident occured on September 14 when the girl was with her mother collecting fodder in the maize field. She was badly gang raped and later strangulated and dragged with her dupatta. The girl was first admitted to Jawaharlal Nehru medical College and hospital , Aligarh after the gang rape on September 14 , was brought to Safdarjung Hospital last night with spinal injuries, paralysis and ccuts in the tongue. 

Can you all imagine the pain suffered by the little life. If you can then lets fight for the justice for the little girl. So that we can make our country make India more  safer for girl child. 

Accused arrested..

The Hathras police have arrested the four accused – Sandip , Ramu , Lavkush and Ravi under sections pertaining to murder and gang rape. They have been accused but the matter is will they be punished for this brutal crime . So lets unite and demand for justice so that whenever someone should think atleast 100 times before doing this crime. Demand for justice means demand for a Safe India. 

Why always India a place to inhumane crimes???

Rapes in India

This is a question asked to the Indian government. According to annual reports of the National Crime Records bureau 33,356 rape cases were reported across the country , or an average of 91 rapes daily besides these many cases are unreported. This is just due to the lack of proper government system , lack of proper education, indiscrimination between boys and girls our Indian society always prefer boys . 

Every rape happens due to the preference given to the boys and very often the boys are punished for this inhumane crime . In most cases they get released due to the power and money. I ask is money and power everything where has the humanity gone. Everyone has been involved inside ...the government has been selled out . They can see the crime happening but will never take action as there mouths have already been shut  by money. This is the root cause of every crime. 

Proper teaching by parents is the solution to this issue....

No to rape

Often we have listened parents teaching girls about not to go out late nights , not to this wear , not to do this . But have ever parents teached their boy child about how to behave with girls . All restrictions have been always applied on the girls butt i say the restrictions should be on the one who is reason for crime or the one on whose the crime is happening. Awakening truth is we never teach our children what is humanity , be kind to others. Its a request to every parent of this nation to teach their children what to do or dont. 

This is the first step towards a safer India. 



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