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    Choose any language from the tab at top .... have fun reading guyzz... #EK SAWAAL AUR WITH AMAN ARORA ...  Mr. Aman Arora is one of the well known politicians. He is MLA from Sunam . Aman Arora is one of the leaders in Aam Aadmi Party . He has been greatly inspired by his late father Mr. Bhagwan Das Arora (the two time MLA and minister of Punjab) .  Inspiration Behind His Success... His father entered in politics in year 1991 , before this they have a complete business atmosphere in the family . He was greatly inspired by his father and along with him at a early age of 18 he started participating in politics . After that when his father passed away he took the responsibilities on his shoulder . He always believes that a higher or bigger position doesn't matter at all what matters is your accountability , sincerity and responsibility toward the people . Responsibilities As A MLA ...  Being a MLA is not an easy job at all there are multiple jobs to perform they are as :  1) Ans


  # Ek sawaal aur ( with Baba Beli )  Baba Beli is a musical artist . He is most popular for his songs  TERI TASVEER and LAAVAN.  He is a well known singer and writer . He has been also nominated for  Punjabi Music Best Lyricist Award .  He is one of the  sufi  singers who aims to promote Punjabi culture .  Story behind his pen name ... As we all know him with his pen name Baba Beli but he is also known as Mr. Harpreet .                                                                                                                                                                                         After having a nice conversation he told that he was eagerly fond of keeping a unique name from class 8th . He mentioned that in our Sikh families everyone is usually known with these names and whether it was school , college or job he most of the time found that there are many persons naming  Harpreet . So he was urged to keep a unique name , he says that he firstly started writing

Vitamin C foods , Benefits for hair , skin and more...

  Incredible Benefits of Vitamin C ... Vitamin   C plays a vital role in our body functioning . Its one of the most important vitamins  for the proper functioning of body commonly used to treat scurvy . It is also known as ascorbic acid and ascorbate . It performs many body functions such as formation of collagen , absorption of iron , checks the proper functioning of immune system , helps in healing wounds and maintains cartilage , bones and teeth.  Foods Rich in Vitamin C .... Vitamin   C is a water soluble vitamin that is commonly found in fruits and  vegetables naturally . Foods rich in vitamin C are Chili peppers , Guavas , Sweet yellow peppers , Blackcurrants , Thyme , Mustard spinach , Kiwis , Broccoli , Sprouts , Lemons , Lychees , Papayas , Strawberries , Oranges , Tomatoes , Pineapple , Mangoes , Vitamin C is found in almost citrus fruits . Vitamin C is an antioxidant , it is recommended to take 65 to 90 milligrams per day .                                         

Shayari ki duniya ( unique. ..2 lines shayri )

  SHAYARIS IN HINDI .... 1) Khuda aur surat .... Whom should I call almighty,  you or the one who is , as profile of both are same . It's bit confusing. 2) Alvida aur majboori. ... When someone distances by saying goodbye, eyes keep watching but the heart is helpless.  3) Jamana aur aap .... I never expressed my pain to you nor to this world and I easily got demolished . 4) Maut ka therna .... Oh dear death ! wait for sometime , my beloved is coming to meet me , let him meet once then come closer to me . .  5) Wada aur khwaab... You promised to meet me in the dreams and  I kept sleeping for the whole life in your wait . 6) Sanam aur Vasiyat ... One dieing beloved signed the legacy, thing that doesn't belong to my beloved distribute it with all. 7) Mitti aur naam.... He wrote my name on the sand and erased it , it was a game for him but destroyed me ... 8) Samshan aur swagat... Don't miss to come at my funeral , cemetery is not so far , I will welcome you definitel

BUDDHA TEACHINGS...[Inspirational stories] PART 1

  Buddha stories and lessons .... Siddhartha Gautama, was a teacher, philosopher and spiritual leader who is considered the founder of  Buddhism . He is    worshiped by most Buddhist schools as the Enlightened One who has transcended Karma and escaped the cycle of birth and rebirth.   He taught a spritual path  that included ethical training  and meditative practices   such as  jhana and mindfullness .  PATIENCE IS ALWAYS FRUITFUL.... Once upon a time Buddha was visiting a village along with his disciples . After travelling for a long time he felt thirsty and send one of the disciple to bring water from the nearby village . When disciple was searching for water he looked for a river but he noticed that in that river people are washing clothes , some were bathing and some were even cleaning their cows and buffaloes due to which the river water had become dirty and was not safe for drinking so the disciple returned back without water and told the whole story to Budd