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Vitamin C foods , Benefits for hair , skin and more...

 Incredible Benefits of Vitamin C ...


Vitamin C plays a vital role in our body functioning . Its one of the most important vitamins for the proper functioning of body commonly used to treat scurvy . It is also known as ascorbic acid and ascorbate . It performs many body functions such as formation of collagen , absorption of iron , checks the proper functioning of immune system , helps in healing wounds and maintains cartilage , bones and teeth. 

Foods Rich in Vitamin C ....

vitamin c rich foods

Vitamin  C is a water soluble vitamin that is commonly found in fruits and vegetables naturally . Foods rich in vitamin C are Chili peppers , Guavas , Sweet yellow peppers , Blackcurrants , Thyme , Mustard spinach , Kiwis , Broccoli , Sprouts , Lemons , Lychees , Papayas , Strawberries , Oranges , Tomatoes , Pineapple , Mangoes , Vitamin C is found in almost citrus fruits . Vitamin C is an antioxidant , it is recommended to take 65 to 90 milligrams per day .                                                          If you are not getting proper amount of vitamin C naturally you can add these supplements is daily diet. 

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Beneficial for hairs ....                                                       
VITAMIN C and hair growth

Vitamin C can work as a magic for your hair as it treats many hair problems such as treats brittle hair , fights dandruff , promotes hair growth . Vitamin C when taken increases collagen production which is great for hair growth . 
Are you guyzz facing hairfall problems ? If yes then sharing with you a home remedy you can use to fight hairfall . Mix lemon juice and coconut water together take the same amount of both . Apply this mixture and massage it for five minutes and leave it for 15 to 20 minutes , then wash of your hair with a mild shampoo . Use it for some weeks you will notice a good change . 
For better results add hair serums to your hair care and analyze the results . 

Vitamin C benefits for skin ....
face whitening and vitamin c

Vitamin C has an enormous number of benefits for skin . These benefits are as it fades pigmentation , even out your skin tone , treats dark circles , promotes collagen production , prevents skin sagging , protects from UV rays , helps treat sunburns , has anti aging properties . 
Sharing here an easy home remedy for beautiful skin you all need to mix these things ;
half lemon juice , 1 tablespoon rose water , pinch of turmeric powder , 1 teaspoon honey , just make a smooth paste of this and apply on your face and leave it for 15 to 20 minutes and then wash it off . Notice the change in your skin texture by applying it few times a week .
For better results use this serum , and see the change .

Vitamin C other Benefits
Vitamin C is an excellent antioxidant which can strengthen your immune system . It can maintain blood pressure levels , lower the risks of heart disease , prevents gout attacks and reduce blood uric acid, prevent iron deficiency , increases your memory power . 

This is all to discuss about  Vitamin C and its benefits . 


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